Goodbye April

Another month gone and you haven’t seen what the clever Apatcheez have been up to for a while now. So here’s what they’ve been doing….


Faith finished this wonderful quilt – the flowers are entirely made from the fabric she won in the Apatchy Christmas lucky door prize – thanks XLN Fabrics! And thanks Faith for a wonderful job.


Another surprise was Julia’s bespoke ‘beaded’ necklace – what a wonderful gift!


Suzanne may have a Kanzashi-related problem – but we’re pleased because we get to see creations like this


Sharyn spends her free time creating these little beauties – we especially like the fancy-pants signature.


Dee is off travelling the world – and a very lucky girl on the other side of the world will be the recipient of this Smee designs stitchery/quilt combo


And Bev isn’t one to shirk gift-giving either – here’s her very modern take on a baby quilt


While we’re on the subject of gifts – I think Faith’s latest creation might be headed for someone else too – sorry about the deck lighting in this shot – not the best background.


Angie finished her bag from our class a couple of weeks ago and she look very pleased with it – as she should!


And Elaine finished her version – with her fancy embroidered bee!


And Joananne finished hers – a chic navy blue version


Jan was busy with the Tilda block of the month but still managed to finish this pretty Tilda Club stitched bag.


Oh and while she was at it also finished this bag – made from hexies sewn from her leftover Fiesta project – see what you can do with scraps.


Joan was the first to complete the project-of-the-month with this bright mesh bag made with Kaffe Fassett Collective fabric – way to go Joan!


Chris took a break from quilting to create one of her amazing tea cosies


Debbie finished one of her projects (!!) this lovely hexie purse


Carol came to visit us a couple of times and impressed us with these picnic placemats – complete with cutlery (another project made from small pieces of fabric – I won’t say scraps because they look too good to be described like that)


The youngest Apatchee, Baileigh finished this lunch bag for a school project – well done Baileigh!


Bev finished her February project-of-the-month with Melba magpie fabrics – but we forgot to take a photo – here she is now

Janes bag side 1 Janes bag side 2

Jane sent me a photo of her finished bag


And finally, Joananne sent me a photo of another finished project – a very clever way of using bunting and soft toy fabric to make a child’s quilt – and the back of the quilt has the back of the owl – very clever too.

There’s lots more of course as well as AQC but that’s for another day.

Until then happy quilting




The Week That Was

Late again this week but so much to show you.

The Hexie club is well underway and you saw the first two projects last week. This week we were able to see the first project from the sister program – the Appliqué Club – thanks to Sharyn’s efficiency.


Sharyn also had time to make another little project with the leftovers and we were all impressed by her interesting label


While we’re on the Sharyn Show let me tell you that she won the clever award of the week by taking a slap ruler from Smiggle and turning it into a bespoke wrist pincushion with a couple of strategically placed loops.

image image

Speaking of new fabric (well you were thinking about what fabric to make your pincushion weren’t you?) we have just received the very beautiful Glitz range from Michael Miller Fabrics. Here’s what you can do with it:


Also had delivered a batch of nursery quilt and bunting kits at a very special price – here are just two of the four designs –

Nursery quilt kits bunting kit2

You’ll have to call if you want one of these because they’re not on the website. In fact the website is almost finished – there is a new one just waiting for the green light (and a couple of things for me to do – like add all the fabric – manually!)

While we’re on the subject of nurseries – we had a very special visitor on Wednesday night when Sarah brought her lovely baby Sophie in to meet us all. Ever tried to make a 3-month old baby smile for the camera when all she really wants to do is anything else???

image  imageimage

Eventually you give up and just accept it.

Another visitor to the workroom was ‘the beast’ – Lesa’s current work in progress. This talented lady has already won several awards for her work and we all think this one will continue the run.


Isn’t it wonderful? It’s a clever use of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and also savvy fussy cutting. Those beautiful hexagon flowers didn’t make themselves – they evolved from imaginative and astute scissor work.

There are some more projects in the gallery from last week (mainly Sharyn’s because she clearly doesn’t sleep) and I finished a project myself – but it’s a gift for someone so you’ll have to wait until next time for the big reveal.

I also heard from Cathy – who used to be a Tuesday girl and sometimes a Wednesday girl – but who has now run off with her husband to the wilds of Tasmania. You can catch up with her at her blog here. Suffice to say that she is doing it tough – here’s what she has to cope with:

caths apples caths plum image (16) image (8)

Isn’t it dreadful – your heart goes out to her doesn’t it!

Until next time happy quilting


Thursday pow wow

The Apatcheez have been very busy this week with lots more projects finished. Prepare for photo-bombing…..

Estelle's exceptional cushion

Estelle’s exceptional cushion

Joananne's salute to Arsenal

Joananne’s salute to Arsenal


Terrible photo of Chris' fantastic tea cosy and latest work in progress

Terrible photo of Chris’ fantastic tea cosy and latest work in progress

Robyn made this as a souvenir of New York for a very lucky boy

Robyn made this as a souvenir of New York for a very lucky boy

The first completed project from the hexie club - well done Jan

The first completed project from the hexie club – well done Jan

And here's the back. Isn't it lovely

And here’s the back. Isn’t it lovely

As well as the above there are also some wonderful works in progress. Here’s a couple we saw around the table this week.

June's sashiko is progressing nicely

June’s sashiko is progressing nicely

Susanne's first day at Apatchy and she's right in the swing of things

Susanne’s first day at Apatchy and she’s right in the swing of things

What did the fox say? Hello to his woodland friends!

What did the fox say? Hello to his woodland friends!

Actually there’s lots more but I’ll save that until next time. Except to say that we had several people start with Apatchy this week. Some came to learn a new craft, some for the company. Whatever reason it’s great to expand the groups. Now we have even more inspiration to draw on.

After talking a few posts ago about the difficulty of the 1/4″ seam we did have a couple of issues on Wednesday when Sharon and Emma’s second block in their sampler quilts just wouldn’t sew straight. Unfortunately some reverse sewing was required. Those of us in attendance tried to explain that we all make mistakes and that no matter how long we’ve been sewing or how advanced we are at it, the unpicker is still a necessary part of our equipment. C’est la vie. I hope they’re not too discouraged.

Third time lucky Emma!

Third time lucky Emma!

Looking good this time Sharon. It's definitely the right measurement now.

Looking good this time Sharon. It’s definitely the right measurement now.

Nice one Apatcheez – you’ve done well!

Festival of Broken Needles

Today women in Japan are celebrating Hari-Kuyo: the Festival of Broken Needles. Those who rely on needles for their livelihood come together at shrines to acknowledge their tools and give thanks for the hard work they (the needles) have done during the year. Additionally the women pray that their skills will improve in the next year.


Source: Wikipedia

Traditionally seamstresses, embroiderers and the like take a day off from their work and bring their bent and broken needles and pins to their temple or shrine. As they pay their respects (which is similar to a memorial service), they stick the needles and pins into a block of tofu. The soft tofu is supposed to soothe the needles after their year of hard labour.

While here in Australia we don’t tend to attribute inanimate objects with a ‘spirit’ (apart from Bernie Bernina and Jerry Janome of course) we can appreciate that we should look after our equipment and I would certainly welcome some intervention that would improve my skills! I have been given some lovely scissors and other ‘crafty’ gifts over the years that I really appreciate and try to look after. This Christmas, while we were in Strasbourg (which has the white stork as its symbol), Luvvy gave me this delightful needle case which I treasure.

image image

In fact I have already used it – and I have crossed one project off my UFO list! Hooray! I did find, and others agreed, that the mere action of writing down the UFO’s made them somehow more manageable. Anyway like you I have vowed to make this the year of finishing as many as I can. Number 1 off the list is this wall hanging I made with the ‘Perfectly Perched’ fabric range.


It was rather larger than I expected and was difficult to photograph. The image above was made with me perfectly perched on a chair above it. Obviously I wobbled a tad. In fact, this piece ended up being nothing like I had initially envisaged but that’s what often happens – our projects take on a life of their own – maybe there IS something to this idea that inanimate objects possess a spirit after all.

What about you? Do you have a much-loved or highly valued item in your sewing space?

Happy Quilting