Strangers in a Strange Land

It was very exciting to welcome three people from the United States to Apatchy over the past week. First we saw Gail and Leonard from Texas. They had come to Brisbane on a cruise and decided to visit us on the only day they had free – thanks guys.

Secondly we met the lovely Martha from Wisconsin. Again Martha had little time in Brisbane but chose to visit our Tuesday morning class. It really is lovely to meet quilters from other countries and find that we all still have so much in common (except for her homeland’s snowy weather which we here in tropical Brisbane can probably live without!) Here’s a photo of Martha and a couple of girls enjoying morning tea. She’s the one second from the right.


And another in the classroom, working hard…


Help the Blue Nurses

After Trudy’s funeral last week several of us decided a charity quilt would be a good thing to do. As the Blue Nurses helped Trudy stay at home where she wanted to be, and had been her favourite charity we decided they should be the ones to benefit.

So… all who are interested – we will do a block 10″ finished (so hand it in at 11″ or over) based on a simple flower (ie a centre and 5 or 6 petals. I’ve attached a flower drawing as a guide but you don’t have to be totally rigid to this design. It’s just to inspire you!). As her favourite colours were red and orange they will be the main colours. You can do a block any way you like – pieced, embroidered, appliqued – whatever you like. If you need a foundation fabric please call me and I will supply it for you (so then all the backgrounds will be the same). Obviously if you are doing a pieced block you won’t need this background. Similarly if you don’t have any reds or oranges in your stash give me a call and we’ll sort you out.


We’ve put a deadline for finishing the blocks at 31st May to give everyone time for inspiration and assembly. When they are all finished we will put them together in a quilt and donate it to the Blue Nurses so they can raffle it and raise funds for their organisation.

I think this will be a postive thing for our group and will be a fitting tribute to Trudy so make sure you register to be included.

And the winner is………

Drumroll please. As we have now reached 20 comments I have used the random number generator to dtermine who will win the prize. And the winner is………………. Karyn Hewson. A pack of fat quarters will be winging its way to you very soon. Congratulations and thanks for your comments.

Happy Days

OK enough of the sadness of the last week – we need a much-needed injection of happiness at this point. What makes you happy (apart from your stash of course)?

Hearing from you all this last week has made me happy and oh Valentine’s Day morning what do you think Luvvy had done? He left early for work and when I went to the kitchen this is what I found:


The card is a musical one which plays The Turtles song “So Happy Together”. I have been playing it ever since and am amazed that the battery hasn’t run out. The little bag had a necklace which is engraved ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ – how appropriate. So of course he is back in my good books after having been annoyed with him for a week for not having noticed any changes to the house after I’d spent a whole month re-arranging things and de-cluttering.

Of course fabric makes me happy too are so many boxes to unpack I don’t know where to start. How about here at the range the workshop girls saw last week. This one is the autumn neutral version of Plume that was so successful last year. We already have a quilt under construction with this. Watch this space!

PicMonkey Collage

If you would like a free pattern then go to the Timeless Treasures website here.

But wait there’s more! I have a link to my Pinterest boards. There are currently 8 boards with beautiful images from art quilts to organisation ideas. If you would like to have a look just click on the link on the right (at the bottom of the column).

And just to finish – if you aren’t the neutral type and like a little more colour then I should show you the ‘Perfectly Perched’ range that arrived – there are some great projects on the net with this fabric but first have a sneak peek of the colours.

PicMonkey Collage

So it is a lovely Sunday (a little cloudy but quite warm), Luvvy is in the good books, the Teenager is practising his bass guitar in readiness to become a rock god and I am unpacking fabric. All is right with the world. There’ll be more fabulous fabric next post – enjoy your Sunday!

Farewell Trudy

A very sad day today as we farewelled our quilting sister Trudy who died on Sunday. I have put this off since that day because I didn’t want to think about her being gone.

Trudy golliwogs compressed

Trudy was a lovely lady who had a real zest for life and struggled through the awful illness of cancer with grace and humour. At her funeral today she was described as a wonderful mother and grandmother, courageous and loyal  – phrases often used at this type of gathering. But these weren’t just throwaway lines – Trudy was really special.

She often said that quilting inspired her and helped her make it through some tough days. In fact her coffin was draped with a teddy bear quilt she made when she was at her sickest (that really set us Apatchy girls off when we saw it). What we tried to tell her was that she inspired us – which is why she won the inaugural Apatchy Geronimo Award. This award was presented to her at the Christmas party last year where she also won the Viewer’s Choice award for her challenge quilt – a quilt that she finished even though she was suffering badly with the illness. We were amazed that she could persist and what determination she had. When others said they were ‘too busy’ or ‘couldn’t finish anything in time’ she just went right on and got on with it. It put many of us to shame. In fact her challenge quilt from the year before is in this year’s calendar – rather aptly her quilt is the feauture for this month.

Trudy with her challenge quilt entry "Journey through  Chemo"

For me personally – she certainly inspired me to re-think life and to make the most of it. I have taken up Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project – partly due to Trudy’s example – and have done things this year that I have always wanted to do (like taking singing lessons). It’s because of her that I use my good china and don’t keep it hidden away in a cupboard to be used “one day” and that I really try to make every day count – just like she did.

It still doesn’t seem quite right that we won’t hear her funny laugh again or see the joy she had for quilt classes. Trudy was our dear friend and we will miss her terribly.

Look What Postie Brought

Just finished tonight’s class and thought we’d unpack what the postie brought this morning.

PicMonkey Collage

How nice is this fabric – and fits perfectly with the pink theme for February. The fabric is by Timeless Treasures and is called ‘Flora’. There are several sizes of magnolias in this range from the very large scale luscious full-blown variety to small pink buds. A border fabric and coordinating textured ‘plains’ complete the range. This is perfect for quilting, home decor or apparel projects. Large graphic prints are on trend at the moment and they can be used for appliques or just as part of a pieced quilt as in the central photo. It is a quilt made from a free pattern here (well you all said you wanted free patterns so here’s one for starters – an interesting asymmetrical design. Let me know what you think.

Back in the Saddle


As the rain dries up and sunny skies abound all is now spic and span in the garden, school is in for the resident teenager and Apatchy is in full swing. We had four classes last week and, as usual, I am very impressed with all my ladies’ creative offerings. I have added a gallery to this blog so you can see some of their work. Some of these pieces are actually from September classes, however, I forgot to load them into the last newsletter so here they are. Just click on the ‘Your Gallery’ tab at the top to see a slideshow.

The theme for February is all about lurve. Pink and red predominates and I thought I would also be a little festive. Consequently visitors to Apatchy will find a pink/red themed table of goodies. Here’s a sneak peek.


Don’t forget to add to the comments and you will be in the draw to win the Perfectly Perched fat quarter pack. Thank you to those who have already made comments – they have been very helpful and I have taken note. You will see what you ask for in the near future!