The Aftermath


Having been battered by driving rain for several days it took all day to clean up the areas downstairs where the storm water drains overflowed. Now we have to get rid of the pile of debris from the raging winds. As you can see we lost quite a lot of greenery. This may take longer to clear!


Quilting Technophobe Makes it to the Digital Age

Ok well it’s taken a year but it’s finally here. After thinking about having a blog for a year I have now seen all the online tutorials and waded through zillions of other people’s blogs to get to this stage. So I’m a little behind the pack but better late than never.

I am the voice behind the shop Apatchy Quilting but don’t stress this blog won’t be all sell sell. I would like it to include a gallery of my work, my clever customers’ work, humour, tutorials, patterns and links. As well as all that I would like it to be a conversation between the two us where we can exchange ideas – on lots of aspects of our craft.

An ambitious goal I hear you say but what about what I want? GoodPerfectlyPerchedcolor1 point….. Why don’t you tell me then? So the first 20 people to send me their (constructive) comments on what they would like to see in this blog will go in the prize draw to win three fat quarters from the ‘Perfectly Perched’ fabric range. So now I’m perfectly perched waiting for your response.

With my new iPhone 5 and iPad I could win ‘quilting techie of the year’! All I need now is a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account……