The Aftermath

Having been battered by driving rain for several days it took all day to clean up the areas downstairs where the storm water drains overflowed. Now we have to get rid of the pile of debris from the raging winds. As you can see we lost quite a lot of greenery. This may take longer to clear!


2 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. Hope you can dry out a bit more today, Kaye. We also have some work to do in the garden! I’ m sitting on the deck watching the water start to rise again & thinking about the river, so fast, silent and littered with broken bits and pieces of someone’s life…… and yet the dreaded turkey is back scratching at his nest. The frilly lizard is hunting for breakfast in his usual spot and my cat, Scout has finally settled peacefully in his favourite chair. Hope you can clean up, dry out & continue to delight us with your beautiful creations.

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