Home away from home

If you have an opportunity to attend a retreat, especially if it’s at Twilight2Twilight at Esk, make sure you make the effort. Sometimes it seems ¬†difficult because you have lots to do at home and people depend on you or maybe you’re not sure you want to live with strangers for a long weekend. Forget all that and just go. Your family will survive without you for a couple of days and you’ll get so much done because you don’t have to worry about anything apart from the project you’re working on. Those of us who attended last weekend’s retreat found this out the easy way – we got so much done and had a great time as well. And why is Twilight2Twilight so good? I could talk about the comfortable beds, the massive verandah, the beautiful countryside or the great food but really it was just the whole package rolled into one. Tamara who runs the retreat is always cheerful and makes you feel welcome and her mum and dad in the engine room work so efficiently everything just runs smoothly. Here’s some photos of our experience but why don’t you start planning yours? Imagine not having to pack your sewing away for three days…….

PicMonkey Collage retreat