And the winner is………..

Unfortunately not us. Alas dear friends we did not win the Australian Small Business Champion Award on Saturday night. The winner of our category was Braaap who run an online store for dirt bike and mini bike parts. Congratulations to Braaap and watch out next year!

Although we didn’t win we had a great night and I would like to thank all of you for your messages of support. I was very grateful and felt quite humbled at your goodwill.  It was great to have a few days R&R and I am now refreshed and re-energised and I am looking forward to classes this week and the next event – the Maryborough Quilt Show in two weeks.

Here are some photos from the night:

image image image image

These were taken on my phone before it ran out of charge. I intended to update you in the IPad but left it on the bed in the hotel room. As you can tell technology is not my strong suit. I will upload an official photo when it arrives in a week or two.

7 thoughts on “And the winner is………..

  1. Still you looked a winner and the gown was beautiful!!! Who would have thought dirt bikes! Best wishes, Lynette

  2. You look so lovely Kaye and THAT dress…..WOW, looks devine! So sorry you didn’t win and I really can’t imagine the attraction of dirt bikes!!? Glad you enjoyed yourselves and heres to next year xx

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