Quilting on the Road

So you’ve decided to pack it all in and take off. Maybe for a year, maybe longer. The house is sold, the kids are settled, the dog’s going to be looked after and the van is packed. Now what are you going to take with you for quilting supplies? This was the question faced by one of the Apatcheez recently when Robyn did just that.  She and Brucie have said farewell to the ordinary life and are off travelling around Australia. And because she’s a caring, sharing kind of gal we know exactly what she took with her. I’ll leave it in her own words –

“Tried to be conscious of space. The plastic box I bought from a hardware store and it fits almost everything including my cutter.

Robyns pack 3

My handy cotton reel holder fits in my cotton box.

Robyns pack 4
Travel iron is great for the odd wrinkle on my clothes when requiring not to look like a camper (the occasional  dinner out)and my hexies and of course the LED light for embroidery.

Robyns pack 1
Yes you do need electricity for the iron but Brucie has an inverter that creates 240 v from the battery.”

Robyns pack 2

Robyn’s been thrilling those of us who have Facebook with regular photographs of her and Brucie’s travels. This is the sort of thing we see –

Robyns my small world sky

Jealous? So what would you take with you?

Those of us left behind have been consoling ourselves with finishing some UFO’s. Here’s what the Apatcheez have been up to –

Julia finished her bag –


And Joananne hers’ –


And Estelle brought some beautiful vintage pieces of embroidery in for us to admire –


I have been wandering the land, not quite as dramatically as Robyn, but nevertheless I have been away from my sewing for some time now. I’m hoping that will all change from next week. You do pine for the fiords as-it-were when you’re away and you see quilting everywhere – like in the teacher’s chair at the kindy open day last week –


Luvvy and I had a taste of winter when we travelled to Coffs Harbour for my brother’s wedding. The wedding was at the very beautiful Orara Valley Estate and was a very intimate affair. It had a country theme – the groom wore his RM Williams and bride cowboy boots with roses. We worked together to decorate the wedding space and for those who’ve asked here are some pictures from that day –







Maybe things will get back to normal now after all the weddings and travelling. Then again, define normal? Until next time happy quilting


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