Hit the Wall Tour – we march on Newcastle

The legion prepared itself for the final assault with the march to Newcastle. This would be a 12-mile walk – the longest yet but over mainly level ground. Petermus Maximus gathered his thoughts and resolved to ensure his Compeed blister packs were in readiness for this the final frontier.


Dear old Hadrian had marked the way well and the company started with two good omens. – the first was a robin who had welcomed the legion to camp the night before with its sweet song. As we prepared to move out it returned to sing a song of adieu and to wish the group goodwill. The other was that the heavens shone blue again for the 15th time in the campaign.


At first we saw the ghosts of industry long gone. There were many derelict buildings and large factories that related to lead works, tar works and other environmental benefactors.

This unnerved us a little but then the paths opened to a golden carpet, fitting for the victorious march on Newcastle.


The mighty Tyne river accompanied us as we walked in the sunshine. The bridges of the Tyne are famous throughout the land and they were certainly a sight to behold as we marched along the river.


A diversion into the centre of the city was necessary in order to pay our respects at the castle and procure provisions and railway tickets. The city was splendid in the bright light with the sandstone buildings contrasted against the vivid blue of the sky.




We even found buildings that amused us…


But in Newcastle it is the river that shines brightest and of course its bridges – recognise one of these? It was built by the same firm that built the Sydney Harbour Bridge…


As we marched past the city centre and out into the outer areas of the city the inhabitants rejoiced. Flags flew…


Flowers bloomed and decorated the way …


and as we neared the end of the journey a great flock of seagulls (perhaps from Solway in the west?) welcomed us with cries of “hooray, hooray, hooray”…


Finally, near dusk, the weary centurion made it to the fort called Segundunum at Wallsend and the heavens shone again…


There was a great rejoicing and a feast of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding on our arrival and the moon rose over Tynemouth…


But it was not quite over yet. As the sun rose on the morrow….


the old centurion Petermus Maximus paid homage at the gates of Tynemouth Castle…


and then thanked his faithful boots for getting him 84 miles across the country without needing medical assistance and walking the paths of soldiers and kings long past…


And so that is the tale of Petermus Maximus and his legion’s journey. Long may it be remembered….


11 thoughts on “Hit the Wall Tour – we march on Newcastle

  1. All I can say is – WELL DONE THE BOTH OF YOU, you deserve the biggest G & T you can fine. We look forward to welcoming you back. Have a safe trip home. Love, Dee

    Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2015 13:24:57 +0000 To: dgaudern@hotmail.com

  2. All I can say is WELL DONE YOU TWO now it is time to have a G & T, you deserve it. Looking forward to seeing you back here and have a safe journey. I will miss all these wonderful photos etc. Love, Dee

    Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2015 13:24:57 +0000 To: dgaudern@hotmail.com

  3. Hail Petermus Maximus and the legion! It has been a supreme effort endured with great courage. We who are holding the fort in the city of Brisbane, have followed the legion’s march with great interest, and at times great trepidation. LONG LIVE THE LEGION!!!!

  4. Hi this is marge from Murwillumbah I have thoroughly enjoyed your trip along Hadrians wall. I even felt attached when you spoke of Newcastle and Wallsend. I was born in Walllsend NSW and lived a lot of my life around Newcastle NSW What a great trip you have had. Well done Regards. Marge

    Sent from my iPad2


    • Thanks Marge. There are similarities with the cities here and in Australia. We were talking about it yesterday that both Newcastle’s had been giants in industry in the past and both now don’t have a steel mill or shipbuilders. It’s beautiful country over here, you should plan a visit now you know what to expect! Kaye

    • Unfortunately Petermus sacrificed his boots and left them at Tynemouth so that is the last trek he will take with them. He reckoned that every day they would take turns to attack him on a different part of his foot and he is pleased to be rid of them.

  5. Hope my ancestors were kind to you in Newcastle upon Tyne. The view of the bridges from the train is spectacular. Ooroo, June

  6. Fabulous Kaye – so pleased that you made it safely and that the sun shone on your journey. Wouldn’t have been much fun a few months ago when it was pouring rain on friends of ours who had 7 weeks in the U.K. with only 3 days of clear skies! Cheers and look forward to hearing your exploits on your return. Lynette Henry

  7. kaye I have really enjoyed your travel commentry but I have loved the photos, you have really captured your adventure, thanks val bunter

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