Thursday Pow Wow

Another busy week for the Apatcheez and a couple of catch-up photos for you to enjoy.

Last week Lynette finished this beauty and I omitted to put it in the blog:

Lynette's finished this oriental extravaganza

Also Cheryl, who is relatively new to Apatchy (welcome again Cheryl) sent me photos of her UFO conquests so far this year (Sharyn are you getting worried?). This lady is a steam engine when it comes to finishing projects – and they’re not small ones:

Cheryl 1

Cheryl 2

Cheryl 3

Cheryl 4

Cheryl 5

Now that’s quite a haul isn’t it! I really like Cheryl’s work – it has definite modern influences and her choice of colour is always interesting.

Speaking of colour how’s this for bright? Sharyn didn’t disappoint and arrived with another finished project or two –


Are they vibrant colours? And speaking of colour how is this for a treat? It’s Robyne’s thread box – such delicious colours and such order! Very impressive.


Meanwhile, not to be outdone Margaret has finished this project that has been on the UFO list for a while-


And in a week of finishes Tracey finally finished this bed runner for her daughter. Ooh la la I think she’ll like it-


And Heather has been playing with some yo yo’s, some fibres and some red fabric and she came up with these wonderful creations – right on time for Anzac Day


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what my clever ladies have achieved this week. Why don’t you come and join us for classes and you could be crossing your projects off that UFO list!

On that positive note I’ll leave you but just wanted to tell you that Arthur (No. 1 son) is scheduled for brain surgery tomorrow so if you could send positive thoughts our way I would be grateful.

Until next time happy quilting














3 thoughts on “Thursday Pow Wow

  1. The ladies are all very creative. It’s nice to see finished projects.
    Good luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well.

  2. I thought Margaret’s quilt looked beautiful. Best wishes to Arthur for today’s surgery. Cheers Lynette Henry

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