Thursday pow wow

We had a lot of fun this week in the classes and managed to share tips from pinning to plumbing – now that’s quite a range of topics. And of course as usual the Apatcheez have been very busy again this week creating beautiful things.  Some have been ‘upcycled’ from the leftovers of other projects (I don’t like the term ‘scraps’ as it has connotations of discarded waste and fabric is never that.) One such example are the purses that Sharyn has been making. I showed you a whole bunch of them last week here. And here’s another;


Now we are always impressed with Sharyn’s rate of output. She generally has at least one finished project for ‘show and tell’ and lately there have been several each week. Now we think we know how she’s been able to be so prolific;


Nice one Johnny! And what a great label. Do you label your projects? If not why not? You know you should. Lately I’ve been a fan of the free motion written label where you use free motion quilting to ‘write’ a label in your own handwriting. I find that your hands already know where to go because you are so used to writing whereas patterns are more difficult. Try doing a unique label next time and send it to me so I can share it with everyone.

Unfortunately I don’t have too many photos of this week’s projects because I forgot to take them. I know I’m supposed to be mindful of this weekly post and not be in this position but sometimes I just get carried away with the chat and the sewing and forget to document it – photographically anyway. Let’s just say that there are still many many hexagons being produced as well as some very nice embroidery work and Sashiko, not to mention the appliqué that is transforming Kaffe Fasset cottons into exotic blooms and imaginary animals.

I did manage to photograph the  handover of our group quilt ‘Flowers for Trudy’ to Susan Seeney, the lucky winner of last year’s raffle. She is thrilled with her new acquisition and knows the meaning behind this quilt  – that it was a memorial for our friend Trudy and that 31 Apatcheez worked on it. Although Susan lives in Sydney she actually met Trudy and knows how special we all thought her so that is especially nice.


It’s been a very red post today hasn’t it? All the photos are predominantly red. Does that inspire you to make something warm?

I feel there’s an excursion coming on so I’ll have to tell you more about that next time.

Until then happy quilting


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