Here’s what happened

As you know we had some issues with the rain last Friday week and there was a lot of water in my office which meant that everything had to come out. When the rain finally stopped it all had to go back in again – only re-arranged of course. We have spoken to a builder and we intend to commence waterproofing very soon so we don’t have this problem again.

What you may not know is that we also had another drama. That same Friday number 1 son (Arthur) went to the QE2 hospital suffering from an extremely bad headache and blurred vision. He was transferred to PA and after six days of cat scans, an MRI and an angiogram he was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation. This is apparently an abnormal connection between arteries and veins in the brain. The rupture and associated bleeding was the reason for the intense headache.

Treatment is necessary because he could have a stroke if it happens again. There are various methods of treatment, however, for Arthur surgery is required – a craniotomy is what it is called and I won’t put the Wikipedia link in because it is rather graphic.

As I was on grandmother duties and hospital visits over the six days he was in the PA there was little time for office decor, hence the need to cancel classes last week. Now he is home I have everything back together again and classes will be back to normal next week (and we have rosters for when he is back in hospital for surgery in the next two weeks).

I would like to thank everyone (who knew about this) who has offered help during this rather stressful week. I can’t say I’m surprised because you’re always there when you’re needed.


4 thoughts on “Here’s what happened

  1. I wish your son a speedy recovery. I’m sure very frightening for you all. My daughter works at the PA and am sure he will be in good hands.

  2. Kaye, what can I say. I’m sure everything will go well for Arthur. I feel guilty for only giving you half my tears last week. You can have them all. You deserv them. X

  3. Hello Kaye, can I just say I have loved reading your “blogs” to get ready for the quilting year!! Sadly haven’t made it to any class yet!!

    I was concerned to read re the flood, we had damage with our office/training rooms in Rockhampton too, not nearly as bad as many others though. Then to hear about Arthur! Wow, just makes you thankful for each day doesn’t it? how great that it was quickly diagnosed and treatment organised. Best wishes to you all Kaye and hope to see you sometime soon….

    Please keep up the blogs!! Regards Christine

    MT_Email Christine

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