Thursday pow wow – Absolute beginners

Not just a Bowie song

it has really been a week of ‘absolute beginners’ here at Apatchy Quilting. I’ll tell you about that in a minute. Firstly, here’s some photos from this week’s classes:








Makes you wish you’d come doesn’t it?

As for the ‘absolute beginners’ reference, well firstly I am working on a new website. the current one has a few issues so look forward to a brand new site coming soon. Now I’m an absolute beginner at designing websites and although I have an expert to help me, they want INPUT! Stay tuned.

Another absolute beginner moment this week – the teenager-in-residence passed the test for his driver’s licence so watch out!


Finally we had several ‘absolute beginner’ quilters start their first project this week. Can you remember back to that first seam you sewed, that first time you used the rotary cutter and how nervous you were in case you ruined the fabric? Or ran over the ruler? And then later the anxious wait as you diligently pressed your first seam to find out whether or not it lined up with its counterpart. And what about the excitement of completing your very first block?


It was lovely to be able to share these moments with beginners this week. I’ve said before that quilting can represent many things. Maybe it is artistic, a form of self-expression, or perhaps purely practical or maybe therapy. Indeed one lady said that she woke up last Wednesday with such a feeling of wellbeing and realised that it was because she’d been to quilting class the night before. This week she went home with another project germinating and will no doubt come to class next week armed with a wonderful new venture. The thing is – it is often the collaborative nature of quilting that leads us to these wonderful imaginings.

For me – it just makes me feel happy – like Pharrell here. Clap along if you feel like that’s what you want to do.

So what is your quilting story? What does quilting mean to you?

Until next time

Happy Quilting



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