6 things I learned from the challenge quilt

Only 5 more sleeps until our annual Challenge Quilt unveiling / Christmas party. I don’t know about you but I just spent the weekend furiously trying to get my piece finished. As you know I like to share your pain and create a piece too – even though it is just for display. After spending around 200 hours on this work I have decided that some things are too much and so my offering will be a quilt top – un-quilted. I thought it would be a shame to spoil things by trying to quilt it myself and after struggling to get the beast through the small gap of my machine I cracked. I have decided to send the top off to be quilted by someone cleverer than I.

Here’s some things I learned along the way:
1. Quilt as you go doesn’t work when you overlap appliques from one section to the next;
2. If you’re going to build the Great Wall of China start early (i.e. earlier than you did!)
3. If you leave the main area until the last weekend – and it’s a weekend when it’s 40 degrees – you will overheat;
4. It is amazing how far you can jam a needle down your finger;
5. Pins are evil and will try to bite you whenever they can; and
6. Family members have a breaking point when it comes to the constant sound of a sewing machine.

What has been nice about this project, being the theme ‘Music’ is that I have been listening to my record collection (yes vinyl) while I’ve been making this quilt. The teenager-in-residence has picked up a few new bands and I have been reminiscing about my lost youth.

Here’s a sneak preview of what I’ve been working on….



Now for all the information you need for the event:

  • Date: Saturday 22nd November
  • Time:  10am to 2pm ( please don’t arrive early as we have to set up the hall)
  • Address:  Presbyterian Hall, Queen’s Road, Clayfield
  • Bring:  A plate of food to share
  • Also bring:  A pincushion if you want to participate in the ‘Secret Santa Pincushion Swap Extravaganza’

Before next Saturday we need your challenge quilt entry – if you can bring it to class this week that would be great – as the requirements are so broad we don’t know what we have to ‘hang’ and there are very limited resources at the hall so if we have the entries in advance we can work out how to show them.

Also by the classes this week we need your raffle tickets – we have to break up all the books and this takes time – please do not leave it to Saturday.

A representative of Bluecare will be drawing the lucky ticket and Trudy’s family will be in attendance so it should be quite a day.

Look forward to seeing you there.


2 thoughts on “6 things I learned from the challenge quilt

  1. Where has the year flown? I will be unable to attend due to work commitments but will be wishing I was there with you all. Have a great day.

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