Can you have too many quilts in one weekend – no way!

I thought you might like to see some more photos from last week’s craft show at Laidley:

There really was some beautiful work at the show – aren’t the people of Laidley and nearby clever?

Now not content with three days of peach blossoms and craft we decided to drive out to Samford on Sunday to check out their quilt show! We weren’t disappointed as we found wonderful quilts including miniature marvels from Lorraine Sheane-Smith. This lady’s work is truly amazing. I thought you might like to visit the show now albeit virtually. Prepare for a photo-fest…….


I’m sure you must be impressed. We certainly were. We also caught up with some old friends. Some of you may remember two delightful beginners from a couple of years ago. Tash and Joanne were both making baby quilts for their first babies and hurried to finish in time. They brought their babies to visit and then we have’t seen them for a while. Quite a while as it turned out. Those babies (Angelina and Asher) are now 3 years old and now have a brother and sister (Charles and Evie) respectively. How did that time go so fast? Just goes to show – life is short – quilt faster! Another reason to get all those UFO projects finished.

I believe there is another show in Toowoomba this weekend. Now should I do the laundry, work on my challenge quilt or nip up to Toowoomba tomorrow???


1 thought on “Can you have too many quilts in one weekend – no way!

  1. The imagination is incredible that comes from the quilters in Laidley and Samford.
    All so colourful. I say def. go to toowoomba Kaye.

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