Blue is the new black

Tiffany Blue actually. Let me go back a little – contrary to popular belief I have been rather busy lately behind the scenes. One of the things I have worked on is re-vamping the blog. As I am somewhat technologically-challenged this has probably taken me longer than it would someone who knew what they were about. But c’est la vie. Apart from the alteration in the header and the addition of the beautiful shade of blue in the background I have also changed the galleries to show each photo rather than a slideshow. There are so many images on the site now that the slideshow was taking way to long to find what you wanted. Hopefully this way is easier for you.

I have also added ‘widgets’ to the bottom of each post that will enable you to share posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Not only that but the sidebar on the right under ‘Search’ you can find another link to my own Pinterest page.

This Pinterest page started some time ago and includes lots of quilting-related boards as well as others for Paris (of course) and other places and things that interest me. One board that might interest you is the Pincushion board. This board is filled with ideas that may help you with your Secret Santa challenge. Let me know how you go.

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