Maryborough Show

Having a great weekend at the Rotary Heritage Craft weekend at Maryborough. Remember last year we were here we challenged one of the organisers to make up our owl? Well he did and here’s the proof.





We hung our ‘Flowers for Trudy’ quilt and we have had a huge response to it. Everyone loves the bright colours and are quite disappointed when we tell them it isn’t a kit for sale. We have sold quite a few raffle tickets so we have raised more for the Blue Nurses which is great.
We have seen some beautiful quilts here – both machine-pieced and hand-embroidered. Plus there are great stalls here. I have helped the local economy you will be pleased to hear.
It’s also been very nice spending time with Mum and Dad who have been helping Jan and I. We’ve discovered some hidden gems including a great breakfast spot.
Here are some photos from the show. Come and say hello if you’re in town tomorrow.

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