The Queensland Quilt Show is currently on and there are lovely things to see there. Unfortunately security cameras did not see a clear picture of the person who stole this quilt on Wednesday during the prize ceremony.

Would you please sound the war drums and let everyone know about this. As the president of Qld Quilters said “maybe our collective eyes and the bush telegraph will get it returned to its rightful owner.” Here’s hoping.

Brenda Wood's quilt stolen from the Quilt Show

Brenda Wood’s quilt stolen from the Quilt Show

4 thoughts on “Stolen!

  1. Hard to believe. I always like to think that quilters have a kind and caring attitude to life and their fellow quilters.
    R xx

  2. How devastating for all concerned but particularly so for Brenda Wood. That someone should be so selfish and without a conscience is heartbreaking. H.

  3. I saw the spot where it had been with a sign up on it on Friday. It wasn’t like it was in a tucked away corner – it was very out in the open. We’ve all been to these shows and know the typical people who go to them. Cant believe that one of these people could be so brazen as to pull this off! This sort of thing really makes you wonder.

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