Spring into Laidley

We’re AWOL this weekend enjoying the sunshine and country hospitality at the Laidley Spring Festival. The town has been re-energised this weekend after a disastrous two years of floodIng. Many places have only just re-opened after being inundated with floodwater for the second time in January. You won’t see anyone downcast though. The streets are filled with craft stalls, the garden show is in full swing and flower baskets are hanging on poles all the way through the main street.

So if you’re at a loss tomorrow and want to help a little community with a big heart then come to the final day of the Spring Festival. You can see the shows and enjoy the street parade at noon. Don’t forget to come to the Quilt Show at the Uniting Church. We’ll be waiting for you – and we’ll try not to eat all the homemade cakes or the ice creams with strawberries!

We had to take photos of our stand before the show opened because the crowds meant we couldn’t get in for a photo after that. Here’s some things you’ll see at our stand:



Oh yes did I mention that Laidley has the best peach blossoms in all the land? No not on the trees – they’re the delicious little cakes above. Actually I think it must be cup-of-tea time now………

3 thoughts on “Spring into Laidley

  1. It all looks lovely Kaye. Can you bring some of those little cakes back. Would make a lovely morning tea on Monday. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Yes, the stall was beautiful. Don was a very happy man waiting in the car eating those cakes and a strawberry ice cream ,while I enjoyed the show . As we had parked in the main street, when we drove off we nearly ended up between the floats in the parade! Awkward!

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