Gone Bush

On the road this weekend at the Esk Quilt Show. Last night we dined at the Club Hotel and not only did we have a very enjoyable meal up also we took out two prizes in the chook raffle – Jan’s going home with a chicken platter and I won the barbecue tray so guess what we’re having for dinner on Sunday night?

There are a wide variety of quilts here at the show including some made especially for International Women’s Day – all green, purple and white. The textile artist Hetty van Boven just opened the show and talked about why she enjoys quilting. She said that you can start from the beginning and make something beautiful (which is certainly true just look at the sampler quilts in the gallery that our new students have made). She said that patchwork and quilting inspires you to create your own pieces so even if you follow a pattern the end result is still individual (again just look at the gallery for proof of this). Finally she said that enjoys the camaraderie of the quilting group and how we can share our lives and “share our wisdom”. What a lovely expression.

Here’s a couple of the quilts in the show


And here’s some clever quilting by Tamara Buchanan that makes these bug jars come alive


And here’s the wonderful raffle quilt – hoo wouldn’t want to win this?


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